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Wazee Digital Services

Wazee Digital's services allow content buyers and rights holders alike to rely on a team of experts to support their projects and ensure a seamless amplification of content distribution and syndication. Our teams are seasoned in the field of content licensing, rights and clearances, as well as working with major live event organizations to capture, organize, and share content from any event to any audience around the world.

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Project Management
for Creatives

We partner with you to understand your requirements and help you discover exactly what you need to deliver a world-class production.


Content Licensing
for Rights Holders and Creatives

Our team works with rights holders to ensure their library is discovered and creators to discover the perfect clip.


Live Event Services
for Rights Holders

In real time, our team makes live moments available immediately for global publishing, syndication, advertising, and sponsorship.


Unmatched Experience
in Content Licensing

With 15+ years of experience we have long-standing relationships with global brands in film, TV, sports, and advertising.

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Content Licensing Services

We are honored to hold the licensing rights to some of the most iconic studios, news, government, and sports organizations around the globe. Whether that means supporting films and documentaries or working with agencies to find the perfect clip for a major advertising campaign, we have the right team to find the best footage and provide the appropriate rights and clearances services.


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Live Event Services

With the support of our Live Event Services team, clips are immediately available for global highlights, publishing, syndication, and brand activation. Through Live Event Services, rights holders have the ability to enhance fan and brand engagement by extending international distribution channels for broadcast quality programming. In addition, we have the unique ability to transform live broadcast feeds into short-form highlights to be published to social and other online platforms.

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"Our Tournaments are never really over. Clips are available immediately for fans, press, players, and our use. And, those iconic clips are used again and again - and licensed for years. "