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Take Control of your Content

Using our cloud-native platform, gain control, visibility and insight into all of your digital assets ensuring your valuable content reaches its rightful audience.


Your live events become iconic moments

The value of these moments are where the power of content and a business opportunity reside: monetizing these moments have created a new phrase at Wazee Digital: Momentize (mo•ment•ize)

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We License the World’s Most Compelling Content

Powered by Wazee Digital Core, documentarians, film & television producers, sports broadcasters, top brand marketers, and agencies all look to us for incredible footage, killer research and unmatched clearance expertise.

Wazee Digital Live Event Services

Your Live Events become Iconic Moments

Powered by Wazee Digital Core, our Live Events Service enables clips, highlights and metadata tagging of content in real time making those iconic moments immediately available for syndication and sponsorship.

Protecting and Preserving America's Visual History

The Official Media Library of U.S. Department of Defense

Powered by Wazee Digital Core, the Images of Freedom archive is service that allows anyone to access the powerful catalog of content managed by the U.S. Department of Defense.

A Platform that Empowers Content
from Review to Archive

Take Control of your Content

Twelve years ago, we had a vision to transform how major studios, networks and leading stock footage licensors manage, transform, distribute and monetize their content. We built our business, technology and customer success around a belief that a turn-key media platform empowers our customers to focus on what they do best: their content.

Today’s media landscape continues to evolve. So do we. With an array of capabilities at the cutting edge of media management, transformation, delivery and monetization, we are laser focused on helping our customers make smart content simple as they engage their audiences and revolutionize their brands in this new media & entertainment ecosystem.

Take control of your content.

Harris Morris, Chairman & CEO on Cloud Asset Management

Harris Morris, Chairman & CEO on Cloud Asset Management